About Tom Spetter & his photographic art

Tom Spetter is a photographic retouching artist based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Tom's work can be seen in both personal and commissioned projects nationwide.

Tom has emersed himself in the word of graphics and new media at an early age. With over 24 years experience, in a print and advertising agency background, Tom combines his skills as a graphic designer, photographer, and artist to create unique and compelling works of art and imagery.

Photography capture moments, and collects material to use as a pallet to realize the ideas portrayed in Tom's art. Each finished piece can consist of dozens of different photographs, combined to create a realistic, believable, or fantastic final image. The work showcased here is not CGI, but a montage of photographs and digital airbrush styled techniques.

Tom is available for commissioned works. To find out more, please visit the contact page.